Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Do you remember school assemblies from when you were little??

I remember one in which my headmaster described a time that he took 6 beats from a cane to cover for his friend. 'twas a good story and he told it well but what I always remember from it is that friends are worth the pain we go through sometimes. If you're looking out for them then you can bet your lucky stars that they'll do the same for you. It's good to know that you can at least have a couple of people to rely on.
Another one I remember was being told that if everything goes wrong it doesn't matter as long as someone in you life is still there to say, "I love you!"...you know that old, "it's quality not quantity" thing? I guess it's true. I love a lot of people and I like to think that a couple kinda like me back.
...even if they only like me more than a badgerface... xD

Peace and love

p.s i have a crush on tom hanks and i ain't ashamed!! he's a handsome and incredibly talented man :D
he's not the guy that i referred to in my other post though, 'twould be funny if he was though xD


  1. badgetface FTW! :D

    omgomgomgomgomgomgomg! New Toy Story III! Its just over a year away! i can't wait! i don't even care if i'm going to be at the pinnicle of forteen when it comes, i'm fucking pre-ordering tickets baby!

  2. ...you called me baby...i might be annoyed if i didn't think it was a little cool...
    yeah, i'm gonna be older than you and i'm still way excited about it! Toy story is legengary and I lurv tom hanks xD

  3. more evidence....

  4. OMG :)
    Kaytei i just read this! i remember the headmaster doing that! Then he rolled up his shirt and showed us his scars on his back.
    Just read your diet thing. you are a stick so don't need to diet, but for experimentation it's okay :L