Sunday, 10 May 2009


I have a friend who trusts no one! I never really thought that I could be friends with someone who doesn't trust me but I guess that I can get past that and make an exception for special people :) I hope he'll trust me someday though.
I went to church this morning and part of the sermon was focused upon the issue of trust and they said that the only person that we should have absolute trust in is Jesus and since I'm not Jesus, perhaps this friend of mine has the right idea. I'm not Christian, I think that there are too many contradictions in the bible. If they can't make up their minds on what they believe, then why should I?? I do quite like some of their ideas though and it's a comforting thought that when everything else is falling apart, there's one sure-fire thing to rely upon and that's God.
ah well.
I was in a really foul mood yesterday. One of those wistful, "what am i here for?" kinda days. I'm feeling a whole lot better today though :)
On friday morning, I opened up my curtains only to find that the grey sky was spitting MASSIVE drip-drops of rain everywhere.....I told the weather to "f**k off"....possibly not the politest or most productive thing I could have done but it didn't hurt anybody and it made me feel better :)
I've spent a lot of today elbow deep in paper maché since I've been doing my art work :o I'm making a little Egyptian lady. I want to call her Persephonie but that's a Greek name so it wouldn't really work :S Anyways, her chest was far too prominent in proportion to her bottom so I spent rather a long time padding her out and making her shape a little more hour-glass-like than apple shaped.
I've got to do, French, science, english and DT work today...great... -_-'
Did anyone see "Bring back Star Trek" last night? 'twas hosted by justin less collins and as he's very funny and I'm a little bit in love with him, it was great viewing. I never really knew a lot about Star Trek so I was surprised to find that it was actually a very politically powerful programme. Set in the 23rd century, there was a multi-racial crew cast to show that people of different cultures were able to get along. Rather moving really.

Anyways, I've been babbling for a while now, sorry to have bored you :S

Peace and love

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  1. hahahahahaha! you just gave me a phone call! XD