Thursday, 14 May 2009

Rock Climbing!!

Hey there!!
Yet another addition to the list of things which Kate ain't great at!!! :o
I wanted to try something new but the main reason was because I have a fear of heights and from experience, I've found that the best way of overcoming something like that is to look the fear in its eye and say, "F**k off!"
I'm still not great with water but when I was pertrified of that, I jumped off of the top board at the spectrum and now I can face it. I choose to stay away from water for the most part but if ever I need to come into contact with it; I'm alright :D
So, today, when climbing on the easiest wall and I lost my footing, being the foolish fool I am; I shreiked, "Oh mmmmyyyyyyy gooooooooodddddddddddddddd!" in absolute terror. When I got to the bottom, I was shaking so badly, I honestly thought I was gonna just fall over there and then. And then later on, I couldn't get to the top cuz my arms were giving me grief, so I came down and almost cried. I know it was stupid but I had one of those moments when hormones and adrenalin just take over and I thought of all the things I can't do & I got all teary but forced myself to quit acting like an eejit and get a grip! Thank you so much hattie!! you were amazing support and i can't believe how patient you were with me! i'm lucky to have friends like you :D
Anyway, it was difficult and nerve wracking but still a great experience and I'm looking forward to next week! and mr. kelly was taking us and you all know I'm kinda fond of him :) DON'T FANCY HIM THOUGH! grrrrrrr >:[
oh and for everyone that keeps going on about tommy and I? pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaase just give it a rest!i like him and he likes me but as nothing more than friends. have you really got nothing better to do at lunch than torment poor tommy???

Peace and love


  1. indeed. i have feelings too! :D

    and was that climbing thing for craggy island or something? that sounded fun. but i can't climb to save my life, either, if its any concelation ^^

  2. (*is aware he spelt concelation wrong*)

  3. it's ok, *can't spell concelation either!*
    'tis good to know that i'm not the only pitifully bad rock climber :P