Monday, 4 May 2009

Ave Maria

woop woop hooooooooooooop a loooooooooo-oooooooooop
Spent many hours with the very lovely Maria at her house!
We were watching Goodnight Mister Tom with the people in our English group as we're working on the media part of our GCSE coursework and for it, we have to make a 15 minute film; our group's making Goodnight Mister Tom :) We mainly focused on costume and set this afternoon...well....if i'm honest, we mainly focused on conjuring up ways to torture one poor soul in particular. That was the boys though. Another thing on which to blame the boys were the pathetic and immature Willie jokes. Just because the boy in the film is called Willie; the guys feel the need to have Mister Tom saying things like, "I've lost me Willie" oh ha-di-ha.
By the time Tom from our group turned up, I was dressed up in 40's style clothes as I'll be playing Willie's evil biatch of a mum. He didn't realise that I was in costume >:[!!
Oh my gosh, Jacob and I walked there together and we turned up so early that Maria wasn't there!! She was doing a volunteer project called "Ready for action" and her parents were just on their way out to collect her when we turned up. So, jacob and I were in the house with Maria's sister Anna for I dunno how long :S
Anyways, we had a laugh and we made good use of our bank holiday Monday off of school.

Peace and (lots and lots of) love
p.s did I write about the stuff I bought yesterday? I got a new bag for school :) I've needed one forever and I'm rather fond of this one :) I also bought I black pencil skirt for when I do Mock Magistrates again and I bought a little toy monkey xD I have 12 of them now and I don't care what anyone says about them, they're gorgeous and I love them very much...shhhhh, i know I said I don't care what people think but I kinda do so hush hush 'n' all that jazz!
p.p.s there's an audition for an elite girls' choir at my school on wednesday and I can't decide what to sing...I was thinking maybe, "somwhere over the rainbow" or "wind beneath my wings" or "the rose"...what do you reckon???? please help :)

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