Monday, 25 May 2009

Like a bat outta hell...

...i'll be gone when the morning comes....

You gotta dig the classics!! Love it!! Rock on Meatloaf xD
I havnae got a lot to say but I have come to an interesting conclusion; I like one person and one person only...Susan Boyle. She rocks my world...anyone hear her singing on Britain's got talent last night? er, wow much??! took my breath away.
but seriously, my dilemma of liking two people very much so has been amended. I like one guy. and he's lovely. I know he doesn't like me back but i'm just happy that we're friends :)

Peace and love


  1. simples! *!* nah, not really. see that name above this post? it says Tommy. well, here's the clever part. you click on the name, and it takes you to a magical place all about me and what other blogs i have. xD Sorry, i'm being patronising again. but its so fun!

    hm, the plot thickens in your mysterious love-life...:D

  2. i haven't got a love life, that's the point!! he's not interested, oh woe is me....not really, like i said, i love that i'm friends with him!!
    coolness, i shall check you of course...ahem...

  3. it tommy! its Tommy! its TOMMY!!!!!

    like my song? it basically sums up who it is.

    :D im back with vengence

  4. must be so proud...-_-'
    i'm kidding of course!! anyways, good to hear from you :)