Sunday, 31 May 2009

"imagine me with eight legs" thanks...but thanks for the nightmares!!! >:[
I went trundle-wundling down by the river wey with my family folk this morning. 'twas relly quite nice, until we decided to come back on the opposite side. There's a proper tow-path and then there's the field foot-path on the other side. In addition to the necessity of hopping over cow pats *charming* we had to walk inbetween a heard of them to get on our way. We were so close, I could feel their body heat against mine. NEVER AGAIN. just one flapping her little ears at me was fine...even kinda sweet but being surrounded by them? ...creepy.
Anyways...back to the land of nod once again tomorrow.
someone told me that I've caught a bit of a tan which i'm kinda pleased about. I've got ever so pale skin and find it difficult to tan without burning so I've decided that it's better to sport the, "pale and interesting" look than the, "boiled-red-lobster" look. what do you reckon?
anyway, like i was saying before i allowed myself to become distracted by my tan *:D* back to school and the endless work tomorrow...grrrrrrrr. 'twill be lovely to see everyone of my friendly-folk again; i met with some friends on...wednesday-i think...but i've not seen a bunch of people for AGES!! I think i'm gonna go write some more. so far, i've managed about 700 words of my fifth chapter for, "running to".
oooh, before i forget to mention it, i watched one of my all-time-favourite movies in the afternoon today, "bill and ted's excellent adventure"...i'm a little in love with keanu reeves...he's an amazing actor who has starred in one of the best trilogies of all time, "the matrix" LOVE IT!! :D

Peace and love

p.s recently, i've just been writing and writing so it has kinda gotten on my nerves that people complain about writers' block but i'm finding it difficult to write tonight :(


  1. you've just commented about...nothing. *round of applause for mistress mink*

    OMFG! i outsmarted you! :D oh, you'll never live this down.

    ...i can see what you mean by the powerful first page! usually i wouldn't read books like this, but its kidna worked a spell on me and now i have to read on ^^ good stuff, nonetheless.

  2. *hangs head in shame* you're right, i shall never live this down...woe is me and all that jazz...i'm sure i'll get over it :D
    Glad you're liking the book! told you it rocked!!once you're finished with it, i'll lend you, "the gift" which is also AMAZING...infact, i think i might like it more than p.s i love you.