Saturday, 16 May 2009

Good News!!

Minky has returned from the cavernous depths of my jumpers, cardigans and wardrobe...xD FTW *For The Wolf*
My lovely mommy helped me to search for her and it turned out that I'd left her in the top compartment of my wardrobe where I'd been hiding my secret supply of chocolate. It's brilliant to have her back. and to everyone that was kind and comforting to me, thankyou so much, it's honestly means more than you could know.
When I was really little, I'd make Minky tell me that things were all going to be okay. whenever my folks had an argument or i had a gritty day at school, I had her there with me and so yeah..she's really important. *feeling mighty embarrassed now* hush now, 'tis a secret!!
'twas the semi-finals of a mock magistrate competition which I've been doing recently today. We came second. We were awesome, i reckon we should have won. The winning team were good but we played against them and tbh, I really didn't think they were great. I was a witness this time and I managed to keep my act together *hurrah* FTEW For The Epic Wolf I really enjoyed it :D
I was kinda gutted we didn't win but what can you do, eh?? Our best wasn't quite good enough in their eyes but it isn't the end of the world now is it?
I learnt a great way to make your oen life seem amazing. Close your eyes and think about the worst thing that could ever happen. Think about it, focus on it, believe it's real. Feel those emotions and just when you think it can't get any worse, open your eyes. It's all in your imagination and thing's aren't really so bad....better? just a bit? tidbit? at least i tried :)

Peace and love


  1. beautiful FTW!....what have you done to it!? 'For the EPIC Wolf?!''ve desecrated MY word! its For The Win! Grrrrr!

  2. Haha Tommy you lose. 'Twas the God of Capri Sun who changed the way of dear Katherine and turned her to the ways of "The Epic Wolf". Oh, and Jake and Amir helped the God of Capri Sun. No seriously. Go to and search for "Happy Holidays". (:
    Katherine, I am so happy for you that you have been reunited with precious Minky. Lemme guess, she was abducted from a shopping mall at the age of 6 and returned at 11 having forgotten how to speak and living on a diet of Chicken McNuggets? No? Just Amir then.
    Oh and can you bring Saw and/or The Ring next Sunday? >:]
    With love from,
    The God of Capri Sun (: