Saturday, 23 May 2009

Far too much for one day but awesome all the same ....wahey...

Hey there!!
Sooooooo, school broke up for Half Term holidays yesterday *TG* and I went with an amazing group of people to see Star Trek in zeee cinema...'twas brilliant :D Seriously, I never saw the series but I rekcon that's quite good in some ways as I was able to judge the film as a stand alone piece of cinematic grandure. The acting rocked, the plot was great, there were funny gags and tear-jerking parts as well as kick-ass fight scenes and stunning special effects. Loved, loved, loved it!! Some people would say that this was more of a boy-flick and I'd be tempted to agree but I'd recomend this to anyone that maybe wants to just tune out from, "real life" for a couple of hours. Further more, I was with fabulous company...I really owe someone *thank you*....and I embarrassed another *sorry* but it was still fun...xD
And then...after rushing to pack bags for events which would later occur, I was whisked away to the land of my youth group, "wired up" We made doughnuts *so good* and danced the hoe-down throw-down...badly....but it was a laugh xD
And then...Hattie, Elin and I had a sleepover at chez elin *ahem, god of capri sun*. We began watching the first Saw film on DVD *which my brother had kindly leant me* at around half two in the morning and we were rather scared so we switched to the Lizzie Maguire movie *I love Gordo, I really do, I so wanna marry him and don't care who knows it!!*, HOWEVER, the following morning, in the safety of the light of day; we resumed our viewing. One of the good guys got shot and one of my accomplices screamed, "Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!" fecking funny... mwa ha ha....
We did some other stuff but I'm not telling...hahaha *tommy, you're no the only one who has trust issues and keeps there*
We played on the Sims as well; my character is called Kayteiminominomun Sistaaaa and then there's also Hattlyburtmun Sistaaaa *hope I remembered that ok* and my wonderful god of capri sun, miss Elinimomundootocom Sistaaaa....'twas gooooooood.
Dearest Hattie had to leave at around one to get to her Nan's in Essex but Elin and I devoured boursin *mmmmmmmmmm* on baguette and then traversed sagely around town going, "ommmmmmmm" no, i lied, we didn't chant....but i was tempted to :O *the shock, the horror*
It was great and I loooooved it *yeah*

Knowing me, I've probably gone and forgotten about 80% of everything but have some faith, yesterday/today have been one beautiful, happy, kinda scary, profound and girly time of my life. Thank you Hattie, thankyou godofcaprisun :D

Peace and love
p.s My little brother martin has taken to calling me, "Kick-ass kate" could be worse...
Just though I'd share that with you guys!!
p.p.s Hope you enjoy the hols, don't forget to breathe!!


  1. ....:S not sure if i should be proud or upset that i've converted someone to my cliche zero-trust belief. ah well ^^

    have a good half-term!

  2. did you use tommy as a sofa again while watching the film? xD

  3. ...i'm proud to say that yes, i did indeed use tommy as a sofa and i highly recommend that you do the same xD