Saturday, 2 May 2009

Welcome to the show

Greetings ladies and gentlemen.
Before you lies a deed of great majesty and wonder.
It's a rare and rather amazing event.

...I'm smiling. At my youth group last night, somebody told me that I was smiling like I used to...before I met someone that I was rather besotted with. That was rather comforting, yet strangely, it almost made me cry. I think I may be on my way to finding myself happy.
I watched a film last night with my brother, Ange, called, "Franklyn" The reviews weren't great for it as the actors were highly criticised as they were deemed, "unsuitable for the roles". I really liked it. The plot was a tidbit intricate to follow and meant that my brother and I undergoed some rather severe debating about our likes and dislikes and why certain things turned out in particular ways. I'm still not entirely convinced that I really understand it but all of the interwoven story-line complexities seem to relate to some kind of mental illness...anyways, it's worth watching if you get a chance!
This morning, I set out on trudle-wundling around town with my folks and little brother, Martin. We watched the may-day celebration thingy ma bobbie for a little while. One morris dancer was rather handsome but that wasn't why I wanted to watch...ahem...honest! I'm such a hypocrite, I told Steve off for being superficial yet here I am being just as shallow myself!! ah well...such is life.

Now, I'm going to ask you a personal question, (I bet you can feel your heart racing in anticipation already!)when was the last time you cried? For me, it was earlier today. You don't have to write about it in a comment or anything, just think of it for a moment and then allow yourself to flood back into the present accompanied by the realisation that your tears lie in the past and that they can stay there forever if you want them to. History is behind us, it's our choice whether we turn around or not.

I was one of about ten people who partook in a meditation class on Friday, I've been practising, "being" rather than, "doing" and appreciating stillness.

Peace and love forever and ever.
p.s a friend of mine has an hilarious book of insults, here's my fave:
"Is that your face or did your neck just throw up?"
mwa ha ha
p.p.s I like someone but I ain't saying who....hahahahaha!! I'm crap at keeping my own secrets but I'm gonna make a real effort to keep this one :D
p.p.p.s have you heard, "crystal ball" by Pink? It's from her new album, "funhouse" and if you haven't heard it, I seriously recommend it! This is the final chorus:
"Pennies in a well,
a million dollars in the fountain of a hotel,
Broken mirrors and a black cat's cold stare,
Walk under ladders on my way to hell,
I'll meet you there.
But I'm not scared at all,
woah oh oh oh oh-oh,
Of the cracks in the crystal,
Cracks in the crystal ball."
*oh yeah*


  1. Omg... Kaytei lied to meeeee D:
    You said to me over the phone that you didn't fancy anyone... D:
    And yet here you say that you like someone but aren't saying who...
    YOU F*************************** LIAR!!!
    Teehee... me loves you ^_____________^

  2. aw, i'm sorry! i don't exactly fancy them so it wasn't a total lie. it's just complicated. i'll tell you some day, promise!

  3. a secret? o.O oh, i do love a good mystery!

    no-how, can't remember the last time i cried...might've been that time i trod on one of my brothers old thomas the tank engine toys...

    there was much blood.

    i jest! i don't think i've cried so far this year! most excellent! have a good weekend.

  4. SOMEDAYYY??!!?!?!?!?!?!??!
    You meaniehead >.<
    I hate you. Never talk to me again
    Well ok you can when it has something to do with work or something but apart from that, NO F********************** WAY
    Well ok actually I'm getting kinda lonely already.

    Come'on. If I had "complicated feelings" for someone I would tell you like straight away!
    Guess I'm just not a good enough friend :(
    You never used to tell me anything. You didn't even tell me about Andy the first time!
    Guess nothing's changed...

    PS I'm not really upset, just trying to guilt-trip you. But Shhhhhhhhhh xD

  5. Oh and the funeral's next week.
    I expect I shall be doing some crying then

  6. good to hear that your year's treating you well tommy :D
    i'll tell you soon, ok elin? but it really is awkward :S
    i'll hold your hand on the day of the funeral, you're strong and i'm sure you'll be ok :)

  7. hey, it's ellie. just thought i might day my dad's morris dancer and he did the may day dancing :D:D:D:D

    lol xxx

  8. wow, i just saw your video (eyebrow regrowth update11 !!) you look so like kristen stewart and she is waaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy pretty :)

    love Ellei :D xxx (see i spelt my name like yours, don't worry i wont copy you and use it in the future!!)

  9. lol about your dad! :D
    i don't know who kristen stewart is but thanks ellie!!
    wahey! i've influenced the way you spell your name!...i've changed the world, mwa ha ha xD