Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I'm so embarrassed :S

urrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh :( My secret has gone and been revealed. four people know, that's more than i'd like right now. i'm just really hoping no one else finds out. it's so embarrassing because it's not as thought it's happened before and i'm really confused and everything and i reckon i'm probably talking babbly nonsense now, right??
anyway, asides from that, I've not had a bad day :) I had double PE which I usual curse at, however, today's lessons were fairly enjoyable. I had rounders and I actually managed to hit the ball *score* and second lesson was javelin which was a) pretty cool and b) my teacher is soooo cute even though he's way older than me...and married... :S (i so know some people who will be shaking their heads at me right now!!)
Right...I think my dinner's ready so I ought to get going but I just want to say that the sun wasn't shining, the were lots of clouds in the sky, my lessons were fairly dull for the most part but I'm smiling :)
today was good :)
ooooooh, i'm going on a trip to the theatre tomorrow night :D as a typical girl would, I was being ever so panicky over what I should wear, however, I have picked out what I believe to be a rather nice outfit and I can't wait for the theatre!!! We're seeing a one man version of Animal Farm. I'm not sure how it will work but the bloke doing it is supposed to be amazing so even though it sounds a little lame I reckon there is a chance I may actually enjoy it :D hoooooooooop a looooooooo-oooooooop

Peace and love doll


  1. Dude... how many people know? Matt said that Jono told him... so how did Jono find out? And who the fuck else knows?

  2. jono doesn't know! as far as i'm aware, you, louise, caroline, hattie, maria and rachel know and that's it! i dunno why the hell jono and matt know. this is so fecking embarrassing.

  3. Jono said Louise told him. End of.