Thursday, 28 May 2009

Big stuff

So lately, some big things have been muddling themselves in my mind and now I fancy muddling them aloud...
In the really bad times, the really bad time- when i've fallen out with all my friends and ,my family seem kinda distant- I pray. I don't know whether anyone hears my prayers and I doubt I'll ever know for certain in this lifetime. I ask for help for myself and people I love and the stranger I saw crying. And things get better. Every time I've been on the brink of doing something...stupid, I pray and things get better.
This could just be the natural ebb and flow, ups and downs of life...a mere coincidence...but to happen so many times? Perhaps there's more to it than I guess I'm likely to admit any time soon.
But to think, at the time of Jesus, so many people believed in something more than everyday life. They believed in a God looking over them and of an afterlife beyond what we can see. Nowadays, people blame those people's beliefs on ignorance. They fell for the whole "heaven malakey" because they weren't aware of science. However, even today, how many people can honestly say that they understand all of the scientific jargon? No, peopl have become deluded by the thought that they don't need a god.
I'm not trying to convince anyone to become christian...i'm still trying to figure all this out for myself...i'm just saying :)

Peace and love

p.s...on a less important note...i got new shoes!! and in the moment that the nice lady handed them over to me in a shiny bag...i knew things would be okay xD ooh and i bought a couple of dress/skirt/sarong/sari/fabricy-things to wear this summer the other day :D
bisous bisous


  1. :o what happened? what happened? referring to your comment on 'Listening'. I'm intruiged!

  2. "When I pray coincidences happen" William Temple Former Archbishop of Canterbury. :)

  3. ooh, he was the really controversial one, right?

  4. Actually he was a very great leaders and not really that controversial unlike the present Archbishops who are publicity seekers and mere shadows of the ubiquitous William Temple. The one you are probably thinking was David Jenkins he was formidable and I have a lot of time for him. :)

  5. ...elin? i thought it was you but now i'm not so sure... :S