Monday, 11 May 2009

To Tommy...

...Congratulations, I did in fact give you a phone call yesterday -_-'
...moving on...
When I fall; I fall fast, deep and ever so blindly and that's just the way I am. In order to change and move on, first we must accept our flaws or failings as who we are so as we acknowledge for certain that we'd like to change. I say far too soon that I'm, "in love" or some utter drivel like that but the truth *the whole truth and nothing but the truth* is that I don't know what love is. I can't even begin to unfathom it's inexplicable twists and turns of fate. I love many things and many people yet I've yet to meet my Mister Right. So far, I've found many Mister Pretty-Closes but no cigar I'm afraid. I'm young though. I'm not exactly looking for a husband or father to my children just yet if you know what I mean. I'm content to simply trundle-wundle along for a while and flirt hopelessly (i have no idea how to flirt!!) with the beautiful guys i know. The last guy that I went out with was the first bloke to say, "I love you" to me and, "You're beautiful"...the stupid thing was that I believed it. He got together with someone else five days after we broke up i must have meant so much to him. This is turning rather heavy is it not?? Sorry to bother you with my love life...I think it's flatlining at the moment :o

ooooh, TOMMY!! you know that I shall one day write your life?? W-ell, I've decided that at the tender age of 16, you meet your first girlfriend. She's funny, clever, a little bit shy and oh-so gorgeous. I don't know what, "your type" is like but I reckon she'll have an exotic look, tall and slender with dark eyes straining with something deeper than she dares to reveal just yet. She'll have dark, luxurious flowing hair down her back and a golden natural tan. You'll meet at the book signing of your mutual favourite author and life will never be the same for either of you. I've not decided her name for certain but I'm thinking of something along the lines of Josephine or Joanna but either way, her accent will mean that the, "J"s are pronounced like, "Y"s....
....have i put too much thought into this??? ah well, such is me. Too much or too little, never quite right.
OMGosh, I met God. and she said, "let their be Capri Sun"...and there was!! :O oo-er and all that jazz. praise be to the small, dark haired angelic creature.

I've rambled on about such absolute jargon-ish crud for so long now...why did no one stop me??

Peace and love


  1. blimey kayte, thats a very deep and powerful philosophy you have there. don't fret, i'm sure you'll find someone eventually. just give it time, and remember: you've got all the time in the world, don't rush fate. *is aware that what he has just said is quite cliche*

    and HELL YES! you have put too much thought into my future! XD i'm ever so slightly freaked out that you've actually gone forward in time and somehow figured out exactly what i'm going to be doing when i'm 16! ^^ ah well, i'm flattered you made an entire blog post to tell me. tyvm!

  2. I'd buy that book.
    And yes. All hail to me. The God of Capri Sun. Never you will forget it ;D
    I have a theme tume:
    Goddy Goddy we love Goddy
    She brings us juice and she smells like Coddy!
    You try finding something else to rhyme with "Goddy"
    PS I don't really stink of fish. Do I?