Friday, 15 May 2009

I feel kinda lost

Those of you whom know me well (hope I used, "whom" in the right context!) are aware that I love monkeys and that I have a small collection of cuddly toy monkeys. The oldest one is named Minky and I've had her since I was seven. I lost her last night. She's somewhere in my house but I've looked everywhere and I just can't find her. She cost me 39pence from some second hand shop or other and I know I'm being silly but I really need her back. For a lot of my life, she's been with me and I need her. I can't even sleep properly without her. I kept waking up all night. I really need Minky back. This probably all makes me sound childish and imbecilic but I know I'm not the only one who has a remnant from their childhood that they love more than a lot of things.
Today's been pretty good, i aquired Tommy's tye and wore it for a couple of hours (mwa ha ha). I'm so smug that I know how to tie a tye now though xD A lot of things to make me smile have been around today but I just really want Minky back.

Peace and love


  1. trust me, i know all about losing soft toys. i believe i told you about my little leopard, right? Lepy the leopard, of McDonalds Happy Meals? (yeah, so much imagination went into his name...) well i used to have two of them, and the other dude was called Phil.

    yeah, well, when i was about eight or something i went on holiday and took Phil with me to the beach....and to cut a long story short, i lost him in the sand, and i never saw him again. he's probably still out there now...swimming in the oceans blue...or maybe even in France, being craddled by an evil french bitch with a crate full of make-up. R.I.P. Phil.

    but yeah, it really does make you feel like you've lost something precious, doesn't it? i've kinda grown out of soft-toys...but i still know the god, i've left a ridiculously long comment. i don't think a story about how i lost Phil and never saw him again is really helping, is i just feel childish :S

    anyway, good luck on your search. its probably under your mattress.

  2. hope you manage to find monkey Mink
    Miss cybermink

    mabey its rolled under something but I'm realy no help!

  3. aw thanks you guys!! your concern's really comforting and good news!! Minky has been found :D