Saturday, 9 May 2009

ok, here's the thing

one of the two people i really liked is just a friend now! i'm so happy about it because i was getting really confused and i rather dislike being confused!!
And another thing, i'm not going to say i'm falling in love again. i'm too young and far too dumb for all of that just yet. as i've told one person, i'm a fickle fool who can't tell which way's forward when she's spinning round and round...ignore half, HALF, of everything i say...that way, things will be a whole lot clearer for you! *don't literally ignore half of everything i say or you'll be reading sentences made up of absolute nonsense...although what i usually say doesn't often make much sense either*
I've got a lot of homework stuffs to catch up on so I guess i'll leave you now,
have a good day and weekend and all that jazz!

Peace and love


  1. good for you, kayte! your love-life sounds really turbulent an offence. (that sounded a litte harsh, come to think of it...sorry!) i'd hate to have everyone pestering me all day about who i fancy xD

  2. maybe...but i'm not going to say anything more! sorry, but you know, the whole 'trust nobody' cliche thing. nothing personal. :D