Thursday, 7 May 2009

Animal Farm

About half way through the show, I thought that the one man in the one man show was going to drown us all in his sweatiness *charming* however, we survived, and I must tell you, it was simplt marvellous! Despite the two hours of dialogue that he had to remember accompanied by all of the voices and mannerisms for each of the different characters, the bloke performing managed to make it so believable. I know I've only ever been to the theatre twice so I'm not much of a judge, however, I reckon it's probably one of the best shows :D
mwa ha ha, I'm the wallpaper on Tommy's phone xD wasn't last night a laugh, eh?

...rachel and Emily are now convinced that I have gone and fallen for Tommy...hmmmnnn. I don't think so. Not that Tommy'sa not lovely 'n' all that jazz but he's just not my type (please excuse massive cliché!) we're just good friends though, and I like it like that :D

How dare this wretched fool even try to grasp a glimpse of you?
To suggest that she may be released into your shining glory from the abyss of her own,
It's nonsense, I insist.
A pitied, sullen misfit wants to join herself with you?
How dare she?? Just how dare she?
An unnecessary, hollowed shell feigns worthiness of you?
Your beautiful patience, your caring nature,
You'd spare her a glance of sympathy but all she longs for is a kiss.

Peace and love


  1. i concour!! *round of applause*...and....uhm, interesting little finish you've got there. wish i knew how to type in colour xD

  2. geez tommy, it's really not so hard!! there's a whole bunch of text editing stuff at the top of the box which you type your entry in!!
    have a good weekend!

  3. ahhhhh, right. i spelt quattor as quatire for some bizzare reason, but i'm chuffed with my score :P gratz!

  4. spooky ending, how??
    *shocked and appalled*