Friday, 5 June 2009

It's been a long time.

So maybe five, six days isn't all that long to you but this thing is darn therapeutic and not being able to tell you all the junk that's swelling within is burning me up.
Well, you know that wonderful, lovely guy i like?? ...well i haven't actually admitted that i like this person to many people so you probs don't know but anyway...
I feel really distant from him. yes, i'm aware of how utterly soppy and melodramatic this drivel is, it's just that he never even seems to wanna give me the time of day any more; he might as well have a placard stapled to his face reading, "NOT INTERESTED" whenever he sees me. Yes, there are bigger fish to fry and things to worry about and all that jazz and no, this isn't your problem so you don't have to deal with it but hi-ho, hi-ho; it's off to work we go....and all that jazz.

I think that may infact be my favey phrase right now, "...and all that jazz!"- loving it!!

Anyways, besides my guy dilemma, I'm doing goooooood :D Sorry that there's not been an update on the whole, "running to thingy macdoodle but i've been buried under the side effects of school...homework *ahem* i'll get some more up soon :)
anyways, yeah, things are good; life is happy, sky is for the most part blue and the sun has been shining rather nicely :D ooh, and my hair's shiny :) always a good thing. feeling good about the way i look just makes me feel better about my self in general :)
'tis my mama's birthday tomorrow, i made her a painting :D 'tis of ma monkey, minky, and i think it's pretty good :D

Argh, i've waited so long for this moment but now that it's here, i just don't know what to say.

Peace and love
p.s have you heard, "15 minutes" by the yeah you's ? it's one of those totally mainstream things and i might liken it to something by thw feeling but it's worth a listen. i'm loving the opening line, "I'm staring at the same old crack in the same old wall, I want my life back, I listening to the same old crap that i've heard before, I want my life back.
p.p.s Caaazzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyy and Eloise Rosemary whatsherface have compiled a list of guys who i think are attrctive or who i'm a little in love with *as in admiration and all that jazz* ....70 people so far....yep...
p.p.p.s I really should have just included these post scrips in the main body of the text, shouldn't I? I've just listened to the eurovision winner from this year, a norwegian bloke playing a voilin and singing a song called, "fairytale" the song's pretty good and it's catchy but i didn't think that he sang it all that well to be honest.

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