Saturday, 1 May 2010

White rabbits white rabbits white rabbits but only before noon :D

ooooooooooooohheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee xD
Macbeth really was rather tremendous last night; I did love it very much and Summer can vouch that I was VERY tired on the way back....
Got to bed at about ten to one last night...i didn't get back THAT late but I was up chatting with my folks about randomosity for a while which was really nice actually :)
ooooooooooh i'm gonna watch the lake house tonight with my fmialy...i've seen it before but i really love it and the actors are awesome as well....I'M shopping and getting a little tired of it...I'm trying to get a dress and i've been around about a miollion shops and i cna't make up my mind and it's REALLY annoying xDDDD!!! i don't like shopping but i need a dress for the black tie event at my youth group next week!!!!!!! bleurgh!!!!

AHAHAHAHAHAHA you know when someone's outfit is a pure and simple FAIL when even the teachers snigger...not naming any names...Summer knows what I does Harvey but he doesn't read this :/
awwwwwwww....harvey looks so sweet when he blushes...seriously, bless :)

Peace and love, wish me luck...dress-finding...

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