Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Alan Sugar

I've been meaning to post this for about...9 days now as it just came to my attention that Sir Alan Sugar is infact now, Lord Alan Sugar.
Lord Sugar...
doesn't that sound like the ultimate pimp name? xD

OWWW!!! My bra straps keep slipping onto my sunburn :( It's reeeeaaaally stings around my shoulders. my legs feel a teeny but better though :P Let it be known the Rachel is the bestest for providing me with Aloe Vera gel...i love her :)

I've not really got a great deal to say :/
chicken chow mein for tea...always a delight :D

I tied robert's laces together in science but i thought that if he tripped up when he got up then he might fall on me and crush my sunburn. so it was pure selfishness that made me untye *?* them...i tried to stick sticky weed to his hairy legs...it didn't work :/

I'm burnt all across my chest as well :( it really stings. is it cruel that i'm glad i'm not alone in my suffering? yes, yes it is.
ergle...history practice paper to get on with tonight and tomorrow. oh joy. oh rapture.
HOWEVER!!! Gok's fashion fix is on tonight!! he customises high street labels and puts his creations up against big name designer versions and has an audience vote which is best. It proves that there's not all that much in a name. fabulous. I don't care what anyone says about Gok Wan...I'd love to go shopping with him :P
dinner in about 1/2 and hour.
I had a SANDWICH for LUNCH today xD love it *cue harvey's love it face...haven't said that in ages!*
HA!!! Cazzawwwwww finally, FINALLY...FECKING FINALLY gave me my book and my dvdvdvdvdvdvd back today...after SEVEN months xD ...thank you :)

Math was hilarious with Eloise...

I got a blister from making mayonaise in chemistry :/ really hurt!!!

Peace and love

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