Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 9

...The novelty of cereal ALL THE TIME is kinda wearing off now...especially since my friends are eating delicious, wonderful things at lunchtime and all I can think of is how much I want a sandwich...or some toast...or noodles :/

JAMIE!!! can you please teach me to salsa tomorrow?? I must learn tomorrow as you're busy on Thursday and i'll have forgotten to ask by Friday :S A pickle, you see?
pleeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaase teach me? xD

i have physics, English and history h/w to do...we get so much history h/w :( the English doesn't look too bad and the physics is more of a theory thing without written junk so that seems fine but STILL! grrr I'm a hungry woman, I'm allowed to complain!
errrrrm...I like my new jumpty xD 'tis toasty and BLUE not BLACK although it ruffles my shirt a little which is just a tidbit vexing :/
I'm having pizza for tea tonight...in ten minutes...mmmmmmm :P
errrrrm...I'm trying to think of everything :S
SO annoyed...2 marks off of an A in math mock and 1 mark away from A* in real Chemistry ISA :( SOOOOO annoyed!
I'm turning green and ripping my shirt as i type *HULK REFERENCE FTW*
is it awfully bad that i'm getting rather into using the abbreviation "ftw" when I don't actually like to really say "For the win" in real life?? hmmmmm
moral dilemma.
I used a deep conditioner in my hair last night...it was soooooo soft this morning :) still needs a trim though :/ I'm trying to grow it so I'll cut about an inch and a half or so off at the beginning of June.

What have you done today?

Peace and love

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  1. You've written 17 posts this month alone and there will be another 5 AT LEAST and 15 will have something to do with Special K. Ideas seem to be draining out from all blogs. Except PC Plod, which recycles 97% of used posts in such a way you can't tell that they are the same