Sunday, 16 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 7

Arm: 10 inches
Thigh: 21
Waist: 23 1/4
Bum: 38
Bust: 31 1/2

So...everything seems to be about the same as last week...apart from my bust...i reckon that's just me being generous with the tape measure though :/
My weight is 8st 6.4lb.
This means that I've lost 3lb in my first week; rather good i'd say.
btw...ange's carrot cake...the best cake ever xD

TOMMMMYYY! today was fab again :P thank you soooooooo much :D
I swear that if you ever bite me again though....>.< grrrrr

errrrrrrm...that's all folks :P

Peace and love


  1. HAHAHAHAHA! XD That was funny, if a little inappropriate. And thank you, too!

    ...Btw, we need to have a serious discussion on Tuesday morn about the contents of that folder...:P

  2. ahahahahahahahahahaha xD
    how comes you weren't in today? are you feeling okay? :/