Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 10

It really hurts when your friends take the piss out of something you were pleased with.

I'm so fecking fed up with this fecking diet. I feel hungry a lot and I can't eat all the things i like and I don't see any fecking difference to my body.

I'm gonna be an angel in Halo :P


i hate my body.

Peace and love


  1. Be careful when the diet is over, as you might eat more food than your body is used to and it will be very baddies. Only 4 more days Kaytei, I'm certain you can last that long.

  2. Kate, seriously, at this age dieting is a load of bullshit. You've still not finished developing and everything. You should at least wait til all that's over, then work on it when it's like... idk what the hell I'm saying. I'm suprised I'm even typing remotely properly. xxx