Thursday, 13 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 4

These posts are gonan get real boring, real quick xD
Although...after my lunch shreddies I had a tangerine rather than an apple today meaning that so far today; my calorie count is a mere 470 :( I really praying for some carbs at dinner...seriously...I could murder a plate of spaghetti...honestly; just plain spaghetti and the stuff that my mum never know the one that's not tastes better :P

ergle...mama just reminded me; we're having leek and potato soup for dinner and yoghurt for's going to be a really hard day.

Thign about this diet is that for me, I'm really not depriving lunch is half the calories of an ordinary lunch...and I'm cutting out my unhealthy addiction to snackage BUT I'm still eating 3 meals a day plus dessert and two of those meals are just the same as always :P

errrrrrrrrm...GOSH!!! 10 people of our bench at lunchtime...that was certainly interesting...sitting on each other's actually a really good way to keep warm and as long as there aren't five people on top of you it's pretty comfy too :D
wow...i'm well please with how i did in latin :P
ergle...I'm gonna find out how i did in drama tomorrow...the drama paper was the one that I found most challenging and i haven't had much practice at drama essays yet so i'm nervous. aw feck! just remembered!!! Drama h/w DANG!! g2g do my h/w bye di bye

Peace and love
p.s EDIT!!!! didn't have soup after all...real food and real calories and it tasted goooooooooooooooood xD


  1. How long is this diet meant to be? Two weeks?

  2. yuh huh :P
    I'm hoping i'll be able to manage xD
    I think it's working though; my tummy definitely feels flatter...well...not right now; i've just finished dinner and I drank LOADS of water with it :/
    have a great weekend