Monday, 10 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 1

I've eaten 90g of shreddies with 250ml of skimmed milk over breakfast and an apple...which is about...480 calories...i think :S
I'm SOOO hungry! BUT Dinner's being dished up as I type...I understand that some people have dinner at rather later times but we always have it arounf 5 or six, which is awesome!!
I weighed myself when I got in from school today: 8st. 9.6lb I'm not going to weigh myself again until one week has passed and even then I'm going to remind myself that there is VERY little to be learnt about the state of one's health from the number on the scale.
Anyone concerned about my weight loss...I can healthily lose a stone...which btw i don't plan on doing but yeah, just so as you know, I would still be a healthy weight even if I did lose a feck load of weight. I have done a bit of research..I'm not a total numpty :P
Oh and as the Special K diet allows for two of its own branded snacks in the diet plan as well *which btw are full of additives* so I'm allowing myself two healthy snack which will be fruit. This means that it'll be easy for me to continue getting my five a day!! xD
hmmm...I'm feeling optimistic right now but if you want a decent view on how this diet goes, check back with me in about a week.

Stats and weight to be updated next week.

Peace and love

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