Thursday, 6 May 2010


I watched Up with my family last night. AMAZING! I'm really into cartoon films right now but this isn't your oridinary, every day, run of the mill cartoon film. This is so lovely. I honestly recommend this to everyone, I genuinely think it's fantastic.

Hey, remember my Dad, "NEVER AGAIN" about the M25? :) He's going up it tomorrow to fetch. We won the bid on ebay and so we're FINALLY getting a new fire..I think it's been 8 months that my folks have been ging on abou it for.

okay, history...i got 40/50...which is one mark off of an i got a B but it's only the mock and now that i'm comfortable with the exam, I should be able to revise and do quite a bit better.

Latin...i dunno...i don't wanna call it either way :S and errrmm....DRAMA...that's it...yeah, i'm not too sure abut how i've done with that, I found it really hard to try and finish in the time and my hand killed afterwards. I don't hold my pen right so it's a right biatch after a while. Apparently the real exam will actually be a half hour longer than this mock was so that's a pretty comforting though :P
WAHEY...we got our bench back at 'n' caz were lifting it but in caz's words, "we look like douches" then caz asked Simon and he carried it all by himself for us :D *yay*
now Simon...he's a real man...xD tummy does love to gurgle. ha, i made a rhyme *smug*

ooooh, anyone hear the Parsons on Radio Surrey from the Big British Castle last night?? :)
mmm hmmm, the politicians are hiding stuff from us...
I thought it was a pretty decent interview actually, I hope they appreciate that I had to tune my analogue radio to 104 and then get it back to 98 for Radio one. yeah, I'm not really with the digital revolution stereo plays cassettes and I've got bunches of old cassettes that i still like to listen to from time to time so I don't want to get a new digital radio yet :/
my folks need to get a new record player...the band thingy warped on ours so it won't play right...and we've got bunches of old funky records. Music sounds so good on vinyl; there's something really raw about it :P

I'm feeling better today, yesterday was an off day.

Peace and love

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  1. About the interview, everyone was a a bit annoyed, since we thought we were going to the studio, but then it turned out it was going to happen over the phone. Annoying.

    I love Up. I don't care, it's not a kid's film. That montage at the beginning is heartbreaking.