Saturday, 15 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 6

Had lunch at about 1.25 today once i'd gotten home from my shift in a charity shop up town. Gill wasn't in today but it was nice to catch up with Elizabeth :)
As you can imagine, i was reeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaally hungry.
I woke up at the ridiculous time of 6.18 for some unbeknownst reason...listened to my iPod for about an hour and then just got up cuz I was completely awake. I could do with some more water right abut now but Ange is occupying the kitchen and he seems more than a little wound up about his carrot cake not being how he planned it to be...i'll fetch some later...actually...I could get some from the bathroom...the downstairs one has drinking water.
ANYWAY. I missed the rest of my family eating lunch which made it easier for me and then I had some pineapple instead of an apple or a tangerine so that was pretty fly *i'm trying to bring back "fly"...i know it's kinda 90's but i still like it xD* I really like pineapple...though i'd share that with you cuz i'm generous.
I bought a new pair of shorts today...tell you more about them another time xD
errrrrrrm...after six days of reporting about my diet there's not a lot left to say...i'll be updating my stats and weight tomorrow...I haven't weighed or measured myself since last week which i'm actually pretty proud of :)
I can go for weeks signing in on here and not having anything to read but I had loads of stuff to go through today xD lovely :D
My brother's such a pain when he's all huffety...I swear he has PMS...

Peace and love
p.s i smell good today but i can't remember what perfume this is :S

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