Thursday, 27 May 2010

Shiver for me now...

My skin smells like aftersun cream *nice...that was sarcasm btw...*
Our electric kettle went CAPUT *is that a real word and if so, have i spelt it right? hmmm* last night so we had to revert to boiling our gas one on the hob...I'll never get over how awesome that whistling sound is when it reaches the right temperature!!
brothers and sister put this record down, take my advice cuz WE ARE BAD NEWS xD

errrrrrrm...what to say, what to say, what to say about this day...hmmmmmm...history practice paper 5th period today...kinda sucked...i s'pose that the practice is useful though.
aw crud...physics on the morrow...EXAM!!! ergle.

Jonathan Ross *swoon 'n' sigh :P* I like him more than Robert Pattinson...he's a good actor but he's kind of a jerk, you know?

...watching all the bad shows...drinking all of my beer.
i just put my ipod off...ange just got in and he's ill and not in the best of moods and he's complaining about my music and i can't be bothered to here we are, no ipod SHUFFFFling xD
ah wells.
mmmm spaghetti bolognaise....i LOVE spaghetti xD
what to say, what to say?
my sun burn's feeling a tidbit better and he's not quite so red chest's still stinging though. When I was...7 or 8...i think...I had a cold so I had olbas oil on my shirt and it went through onto my skin and burned it real bad, it sort of feels like that.
it must have just been an allergic reaction because it's supposed to be fine on your skin.

Peace and love


  1. Oh, I know that word! It's spelt Kaput, methinks, and is German for 'broken'. Unless, of course, you refer whimsically to the Latin 'Caput', meaning 'head' or 'top', though by logical perception I would deduce your electric keetle 'broke', rather than procured itself a head, an apendage quite uncommon to kettle anatomy.

    (Soz XD But I just wanted to appear like a boffin for five minutes. You know, try something new. I'M LISTENING TO MOTION CITY SOUNDTRACK ON MA SHUFFLE XD)

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay xD
    I <3 MCS!!!
    that was a really long comment you left there...