Sunday, 23 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 14

I'll update stats tomorrow but I'm in a bit of a rush for that right now.
My weight at the end of this is 8st. 5lb. i only lost a pound this week but i could probably have done better if i'd have been stricter about snacking :/
Will i EVER do this diet again?
SO boring and horrid :(
I'm so burnt...this is really bad :( and i have PE tomorrow so everyone's goingt o see how awful by burn lines are in the changing room tomorrow!
Had a dip in the river today :P
my skin feels so hot!!
my legs like sausages!!! I'm just really hoping that this will go brown and won't just stay lobster-ish.
I hope Mark wasn't really eaten by a shark.Oh Zaros!!! What if you've gone and tempted fate and he really does get eaten now?'ll feel sooooo guilty, you know?
anyways, what was up with that post? are you trying to take over our blogs or what?? :S hmmmmmmmm
after my short-lived time as a prep yesterday, i reckon i'm back to bohemian-me xD

leftover bbq stuffle from yesterday.cornettoes have 180 calories in them...SO WORTH IT xD actually, it may have been 190...or 195... :S

I cut my foot again...other one this time...seriously, there is sharp stuff at the bottom of the river!! lots of nasty stones 'n' skin smells like suncream :o
HA!! -----> preppy me! i actually quite like this pic :)Peace and love


  1. That picture makes you look incredibly different.

    I am fate, I don't tempt it.

    Serves you right for swimming in the river. OWNED. Wait, no, PWNED. See, you tempted fate by saying you got cut in the river. I suggest you clean the wound though.

  2. yeah, i do look kinda hair's all funny and the sunglasses...PLUS I fiddled about with the temperature, saturation and contrast xD
    It's only a lil cut and it's totally fine now :P Just stung at the time :S