Wednesday, 26 May 2010

One foot in your bedroom and one foot out the door...

'til tonight do us part

hum hallelujah...what i'm listening to right now :P i have my ipod on SHUFFLE!! i loev the word shuffle xD
you know those two books i mentioned getting from the booksale? one of them is an encyclopeodia *?* of things that teenagers may or may not worry about...pretty interesting actually...and really rather funny also.

"Stop throwing things at my GODDAMN head!!!" told you i'd put it up if i remembered!!

ergle...had a meltdown in physics this morning :S over nothing and everything and every cliché of the average teenage girl's mind :/

...Cryyyyyyyyyyyyy on my shoulder; i'm a friend.
ipod SHUFFFLE!!!

my mum has made piiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee. smells good, ja? what's that from?? think it might have been from an old pc game...if not it may be from an ancient N64 game...hmmmmmm. i'll get back to you on that...or more likely not actually..

I have a big fat crush on Jonathan Ross...there's something about slightly portly middle aged men with terrible hair cuts that just gets me...

not really. geeez. i know i have somewhat questionable taste in the opposite gender but really, give me some credit.
aw feck...i meant to do half the history paper last night but i couldn't be bothered *great excuse* and now i've got it all to do tonight ready for tomorrow. crudmuffins'n'dross. DRAT&BLAST in tremendous abundance :D

I'm off for ma deeeeeeeeeeeeeeenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah now-ble.

how-bl be-ble you-ble dearies?

Peace and love
p.s man you've made a killer of your unborn son...ipod SHUFFFFFLE xD

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