Tuesday, 4 May 2010

May the fourth be with you...

It's from the Chris Moyles breakfast show xD love it but not as much as JUSTIN PIERRE. No kidding, i will marry him xDDDD
ok...maybe not...he's 33...and i've never met him...huffle-sigh...but i will survive and all that jazz.
Im drawing him at the moment...well you know, not right now but yeah, i plan on finishing i tonight :P I reckon it's going okay but his hair is impossible!!! It's all sticky-uppy and crazy.

"not atrociously bad..."

Gosh I'm stuffed...

ergle. english mocks today...went okay i suppose :S
i think i'll go shopping this weekend maybe...and then to Tommy's xD ...hope you're still okay with that...OH and thank you for texting me!!!! I got it when i put my phone on this morning when i was doing my hair and it kinda made me jump but i smiled all the same xD how do you think you did in the mock? :S

simpsons is on...i ought to go really, dad doesn't liek the telly and the computer to be on at the same time.

science and history mocks tomorrow. feck.

Peace and love

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