Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 3

Hey there,
I'm finding this almost enjoyable since I reeeeaaaally like shreddies xD
I had a dream that i wrecked my diet by eating chili con carni and a cheese toastie after dinner....xD
yeah, this is fine, i reckon i'll be able to keep it up for the rest of the two weeks!

Let it be known that Jamie made my day today xD *lovehimsomuchithurtsnotreallythatwouldbeweirdandcreepybuthe'sstilluberawesome*

Wow...David Cameron's prime minister...

I've only gone and sorted out my work experience, ain't I?? I'm really looking forward to it actually and once it's over I may be able to continue working in various places on a volunteer type basis *love it*

"Look back in Anger" tonight...really looking forward to it actually but i do need to go and find myself some clothes soon :P

errrrrrrm...OH! I was dreading my math exams since I found out that I'd be having them but I don't think that they were that bad! Hope I'm not jinxing it :S
AND I didn't wear my lucky necklace once throughout these exams...SUCK ON THAT xD
I bloody hate tasselation. WHY didn't our math teacher tell us what it blinking well meant?!?! He KNEW what was going in the paper!! Three easy marks and because I didn't know what that one flaming word meant, I couldn't get them!!!! GARRRRRRRRRRGHHHHHHHH

and i'm kinda bugged that I did the intermediate paper rather than higher paper since I found it pretty fine and i'd have liked to have had some practice at the kind of questions that i'll actually be answering in the real exam come next year. ah wells. it's all over now :P
...until the real ones *gulp* :/

Peace and love
p.s I almost wrote "Peace and 'glove'"...thought i'd share that with you cuz I'm generous xD

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