Saturday, 22 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 13

Tomorrow's the last day xD

Today was so fabby :P
I took a long, long, LONG walk down by the river this morning, got in and did a bunch of revision, headed out with my folks and then bumped into mine matey mates dearest and had the best day ever!!!
I met three awesome guys; Charlie, Casey and Andre....I like Andre ;)
I had a ride in their dingy thingy xD down the river and got all their numbers and Andre asked me to facebook him xD
Caz and Hattie Prep-ified me...I think it looks alright but Ange told me it looked trés terrible D:
I didn't put on any sun cream today *face-palm* hopefully i won't be paying for it tomorrow...
I didn't wear any make-up today :P and i met some cute guys xD
I LOVE meeting new people :)
Today really has been the fabbiest!!
I love all you guys so much!!
AND dr. who's on in less that a half hour!!
AND I'm having bbq for dinner xD
hahahaha...steve's hair :P
aw man, i don't even care if i haven't lost weight this week. I feel amazing.
My last weigh-in's tomorrow...then on Monday I'm going to have a SANDWICH :D You have no idea how much I've missed sandwiches, seriously!!
Today really took my mind off of someone xD
oooh and i know i said, "I'm the ugly one" but do you know what *cue ultra deep-fat-fried-cheese-with-nobs-on xD* we're all beautiful in our own way :)

When you learn to love yourself then you can stop worrying about all that's going on inside and start appreciating all that's around you.

I walked way down the river until I came to a road. When I have more time, I'll walk all the way to Godalming :)
I'm gonna buy a new pedometer...I've turned my room upside and I can't find my one *it'll be just my luck that i'll find it once i've bought a new one :P* I only want a cheap one to show me my step count and calorie's burnt and they sell them in argos for like £2.99...I might get time to head up and grab one tomorrow...if they have them in...they didn't have any at the top of town but i could try the other argos...if not then i could order one...i shouldn't take too long to turn up.
mmmmm, lying back on the grass and then lying on my tummy trying to dry my bum in the sun *dingy made me soggy :P* SO relaxing :D
I seriously haven't felt this good in such a long time. I LOVE MY FRIENDS!!!
I love the sun too :) apparently we're gonna have rain next week so i'm making the most of it :D
Dang today's been fabulous.
Steve's right, the wind sounds beautiful suspiring softly through the leaves of the trees.

What have you done today?

Peace and love


  1. You know, there are some people who are badly affected by the sun. It burns their skin, blinds their eyes in its harsh light and damage their very mind. That's why I usually stay inside when it's very sunny. Glad you're feeling happy though. I am too; I had my first driving lesson AND I didn't stall in the first 5 seconds. It might have been the 10th.

    You rarely go on MSN. Have ye forgotton yer password?

  2. your first driving lesson already?? :P glad it went well!
    nah, i haven't forgotten my password, i've just been a lil busy of late. :S i need to do a practice paper for history by tuesday and annotate a film review for tomorrow and of course revise revise revise for my physics exam on friday. fun. :/
    see you tomorrow darlin'