Monday, 24 May 2010


My arms and legs are on fire :( I so sunburnt this isn't even funny...although I look quite a lot like rhubarb and custard when I stand sideways *pink on the front, yellowy/white on the back*
RICHARD!!! You wonderful bloke xD that was the most delicious thing!!
Ooooooooooooh, do you remember when you asked me what i'd like for my b'day even though it's forever away?? I'd really, really, really rather like it if you'd make me some of those truffles from before. they were gooooooooooood :D
Jamie!!!! you're pale and ginger, how come i've burnt more than you?? i've caked myself in factor 40 and 30 :( woe is me.
bought a couple of random books in the booksale at school today...30p for the two of them...rather please with that :P
went up town after school and bought a new teeshirt and a BRRRRRAZIA too xD

...thought i'd share that cuz i'm generous...

it's orange btw...i rather like it xD

I'm gonna go eat cheesecake.

hey, guess what??!?!?! I had a ploughman's sarni at lunchtime!! SOOOOOOOO good to eat something other than fecking shreddies!!! eeeeeeeeeep

Peace and love


  1. ...Finally, a post that doesn't have 'Special K Sucks' written in front of it!

    And I have horribly burnt my neck at the moment. And over the half term, I'll probably end up looking like a tomato...

  2. :/ sorry...that post wasn't a "burn cuz i'm burning" kinda thang...
    i hope it's not too bad for you :S and you'll have and awesome time in cornwall anyways :P xxx