Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Special K Sucks day 2

Today I've eaten 90g shreddies with 250ml milk...same calorie count as yesterday...obv.
I'm getting really hungry between breakfast and lunch but that's no different to normal...it's just because there are five hours between those two meals. I'm pretty hungry right now but my dinner's almost ready so that's awesome :P we're having cauliflower cheeeeeeeese xD mmmm and rhubarb crumble for dessert *tasty!!*
The brain often confuses thirst signals for hunger signals so I could just be dehydrated...i really need to drink more water. My calcium intake's up though since i'm having more milk, that's goooood :D
I can see my tummy shrinking already so this does work but that's just because it's the same concept as any other calorie control diet plan. So, not only is "Special K" not actually any better than any other cereal...you don't even have to do it with cereal! If you had the will power you could have three custard cream biscuits for lunch.
Cereal does help you to stay full though :)

oooh and I didn't epic fail at physics like i though i had!! and i'm rather pleased with A's in both of the english mocks and I'm pretty pleased with my latin mock too :D although...in the real exam, there'll be a forty mark translation tagged on the end as well...hmmm :/

Hopefully theatre tomorrow night so that'll be awesome...actually, i'm a look up the synopsis of the piece now...it's called "look back in anger"

I'm really loving Hello Helicopter and Hold Me Down down Motion City Soundtrack right now :D

Bye di bye darlings

Peace and love

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