Monday, 31 August 2009

Summer's end is nigh.

And no, I'm not speaking of my very lovely and wonderful friend, Summer; I'm of cause talking about the fact that tomorrow, September 1st shall be the first day of Autumn. Don't forget to say, "white rabbits" three times before midday tomorrow to bring you good luck for the rest of the new's just a silly little superstitious tradition in my family but it seems to work!

I popped up to Marie Curie to browse at the books and Gill asked me to mind the shop whilst she nipped to the lavatory as she didn't have any staff working. She was uber busy and I didn't have much else to do so I stayed and helped out in the shop until Gill closed at about 3.30. She usually keeps it open til about 4.30 or five but it was a bank holiday today and she fanciedd heading home.

So, what do you wanna know?
If any one can be bothered to leave a comment, I promise to answer any question you ask absolutely honestly. One per person :D
I bet I still won't get any comments!! Well, I won't bet...I'm not all that keen on gambling to be honest with you guys and all.
Anyhoooooooo, I'm really looking forward to tomorrow; towning with folk and what-not before we head back to TheLandOfNod.

Sorry about this post...I'm not really feeling it arty did that make me sound, eh? "not feeling it" ooooh yeah.

Peace and love


  1. I have a few questions- Why?! are you taking Latin GCSE and How?! can you not like shoping!!! :D xxx

  2. ...
    ......Damn it! The one time a serious, deep question could be useful and I haven't got one! :(

  3. Ellie!! lovely to hear from you, it's been a while :)
    well, i might be crazy but i actually love latin, i've forgotten pretty much all the grammar but i adore the history of Roman society 'n' all that jazz :D And shopping?? IT TAKES FOREVER!! and it's so difficult to find jeans that fit me right!

    Tommy, the offer's still open so whenever you think of something just ask :)