Friday, 14 August 2009

For your Information

As I'm sure you're aware, "etc." is the abbreviated form of the French word, "etcetera". The european language French is the closest modern day dialect to the ancient and, "dead" language, Latin. "Etcetera" is the combination of two Latin words, "et" meaning "and" and "cetera" meaning "the rest". So, on completing a lengthy list the addition of the term, "etcetera" meaning "and the rest" is perfectly applicable.
Just thought you should know.

Mine darling dearest, fair God of Hot (!!!)hath landed :D
I have news from him and all is well within the land of I.
Monday morning promises yawns a plenty as I shall be arising from Slumber early enough for my 10am shift up at the Marie Curie cancer care charity shop, the manageress, Gill, is going to be working with me so it shall be very good to catch up with her. I also hope to do a shift with Elizabeth at some point as this would also be very lovely.
Sunday brings forth the teenager within my little brother, Martin, as he celebrates his 13th b'day :D...i still need to buy his present :S I know what I'm getting *i'm not that thoughtless!*.
And Tuesday is Matty Matty Matt's birhday *hazaar* so I shall be seeing him for the first time in almost a month!

Anyways, my talents are currently in need so I'm afraid we must depart.

Peace and love


  1. Watchagonnadowiththepebble,kate?watchagonnadowiththepebble? xD

  2. ...*blush*...
    that actually really made me cringe!!
    it's almost finished but there's one bit of orange that just doesn't fit in...I need to blend and once it's been painted and is completely dry i shall varnish it with yacht varnish...because it's strongest...not that it desperately needs to be strong...i don't think he'll be lobbing it through any windows.
    how come brushing our teeth is so funny? it happened last time too :S