Monday, 17 August 2009

Martini's 13th B'day

aw, my dear sweet little brother hath been morphed into nought but a raging, testosterone filled teenage boy. gross.
JOKING! He's still lovely even though he can indeed bug the heck outta me at times xD
Anyways, I bought him some chocolate and a gorrilla marrionette puppet, he had fun making it dance...on my head >:[ ...xD 'twas a laugh. Ange bought him a metal match *very cool camping accessory to bring out the arsonist within Martin!* and a couple of finger puppets and something very cool called a Resurrection plant. It's all brown and curled up in the box but when dropped in water, it begins to unfurl and turn green and it continues to do this over and over again if and when it dries up. very cool.
Martin had a great birthday. The cake was goooooooooood. ja ja ja.

I've just finished my 3 hour shift at Marie Curie; most enjoyable. Busy but now I feel as though I've accomplished summat :D I sorted out the book display and dusted the shelf. I polished some silver jewelerry to put into the display case. I made sure that all of the rails were lovely and tidy and helped the customers. I like to think I did rather a good job of helping them. We had loads of donations and many, many customers so the till was pretty busy but it was enjoyable nonetheless.
I bought a cowrie shell for my older brother Ange since they're his fave type of shell...random acts of kindness are ever so lovely :) We call them mouth shell's because that's what they look like :) we always scower the beach for them.

I'm still reading Shopaholic and Sister and I seriously have to admit that the protagonist Becky is annoying!! I'm enjoying the book and it's very well written but depite being in money problems and having her husband Luke kindly warn her about such issues, she continues to waste money on things that she'll never use. She bought a waffle iron and she can't make the mixture for them so she just buys shop bought ones and used the iron to heat them up -_-'!! gosh darn it, she's annoying. Luke and Becky have been married for under a year and she's already driving him hay-wire! *and breathe*

Looking forward to tomorrow and Wednesday; shall be good fun.

Omgosh, Tommy came home from London the day before yesterday and found the note that we left for him in a flower pot...:D I laughed a LOT on the phone...and then bad-mouthed his answer machine xD mwahahaha...I'm lovely.

Marriage Consummation....:O kawk

DollyDot signing out.
Peace and love


  1. poor o'll Tomo tortured by is own answer machine!! ^^--------haha xD

  2. :O Simon! i didn't know that you still read this thing! good to hear from you and i hope you're enjoying the sunshine :D