Saturday, 29 August 2009


So, I watched Napoleon Dynamite last night as I've heard it's good and there wasn't much else on and it was epic!!! I love, love, loved it!!
And, as you must have gathered, I'm now utterly IN LOVE with Napoleon. That's write, not the actor, the character! I love his sexy oversized glasses and the way he runs and how he tucks his random t-shirts into his jeans and how he drinks milk and how he dances *SEXY* and the way he speaks; "Hey tina, eat the food. Eat the food!" I recommend this film to EVERYONE! It was completely stupid but I honestly can't remember the last time I laughed so much and I've now found myself another gexy *geeky and sexy* bloke to drool over...I swear that if my list wasn't lying in Caroline's ashes...then his name would be scrolled right across the top of it in capitals like this:

And all over each and everyone one of my new school exercise books I'm going to scribble KT4ND and Mrs. Dynamite...that actually sounds quite cool...hmmm, a deed-poll name change may be upon the horizon...Kaytei Dynamite! mwahahahahaha
OMGosh, AND he can ride a horse! And he has amazing taste in clothes; the suit which he wore to the school dance was EPIC! I'm so jealous of Deb *the girl who Napoleon likes*
Do you know who else I'm jealous of? Sandra Bullock.

Not only is she living my dream of being a mega-amazing actress but as anyone whose seen "Two Weeks Notice" will agree with, the way that Hugh Grant kissed her at the end of the film was amazing!! Why can't a boy kiss me like that?!


...I'm not that shallow dw...and just so as everyone's clear I don't want to be kissed in that way by Hugh Grant *his teeth annoy me and he's far too old for me* i'm just saying that being kissed like that by the boy I like might be nice...that's all...

well, i'm all embarrassed now :S

Peace and love

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