Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Hai Hai Puffy Ami Yumi

^Really odd cartoon I watched once upon a time....
Anyways, as most of my followers are guys, you will be unaware of horror, the absolutely nightmarish task of shaving one's legs. When you get to the age at which you need to shave your lovely lil faces, just imagine that on two whole legs!! It takes forever!! So, I bought some of that Nair hair removal cream stuff and after threatening my brother *be quiet or I'll put it all over your head!* I did a test patch as recommended. I was kinda chilly when I got up this morning so I wore jeans and didn't fancy rolling them up to do a patch on my ankle or summat so I smoothed some of the cream on my arm and left it for the recomended five minutes.

I now have a baldy patch on my arm O.o *hazzaaaaar*

I was watching a video from wvsam on youtube *so funny, definitely check him out!* and in the background he was playing, "One day like this" by Elbow and I thought, "hey, that's actually kinda cool..." so I looked up some more of their music and then downloaded the album, "The seldom seen kid" LOVING IT!! I heard of them a while ago from my brother Ange but he's mainly into death metal and the likes so I assumed that Elbow wouldn't be any different...I was wrong, I hang my head in shame :S

I got some great prints today, I'm gonna find somewhere on my wall for them later...they're on beige, brown and duck-egg-blue suede and they're just random embroidery squiggles but I'm really quite keen on them.

Thank you again to everyone who offered a sweet word to me :) and sorry for acting the way i did :(

Peace and love


  1. Talking of the Seldom seen kid, I went to the largest HMV in the world in Glasgow and bought the Seldom Seen Kid and an album by Flight of the Conchords, which is brilliant!

  2. what's you face song on the seldom seen kid??
    I really like Friend of Ours, Some riot and One Day Like This.
    i love the flight of the conchords, they're amazing!