Sunday, 16 August 2009


Omgosh! You will never believe like shut up omg!! :O

...that was boring, I don't like my preppy american highschool girl voice...'tis really, really, rather annoying...
Anyhooooooooooooooooo, I slept in a bed with two gorgeous girls last night *oo-er*. ElinimoomundootocomSqueechTheGodOfCapriSun *every time I type your nickname, I die a little inside...*, Hattiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and I had a sleepover at chez Elin last night and we all managed to squidge into thedouble fold out was comfy but reeeeeeeeeaaaaaally boiling hot o.O My body clock is screaming at me, "love me, praise me, shower me in attention" since the neglect I've inflicted upon it of late. I fell asleep for about an hour some where between 2 and 4 in the morning when watching a film but then I stayed awake munching on pringles and cake and absolute junk until about 7am or later playing on the character's pregnant with her husband, Dick Gumshoe's baby :o
Before then, we went for a wander around the village...dw...this was at about 7pm ish *we not eejits*

Omgosh, barbeque pringle, chocolate ice-cream, rocket, salt'n'vinegar pringle...TRY IT!!

We sat at the edge of the looked gross and although the woods were a little creepy looking *silent, empty, darkening* The sky was beautiful, pink and peach and vibrant orange, purple, indigo, lilac, voilet.

OOooooooh, you must, must, must try noshing on egged fried rice at 6.30am at least once in your life...promise!! Uncle Ben is now my favourite uncle...xD

We watched One Missed Call...the original Japanese version, it was very well made which wasn't surprising as the Japanese just know how to make scary films! I spent a lot of it cowering behind a cushion or with hands aross my face and one eye peeping at the TV. That ringtone in the film...dang I want it! However, the ending was poor. It's one of those, "come to your own conclusion" kinda films which can be very effective under the right circumstances. I just feel that there were too many questioins left unanswered...too many, "what about the-" kinda questions for my liking. Overall I give this film a 7 out of ten. definitely worth watching so as you can make you own mind up on it.
Then we watched Aquamarine a lovely film about a mermaid and love and friendship and a good-looking lifeguard. I feel asleep in the middle off this one :S However, darling Elin's lending it to me so as I can finish watching it and I look forward to it. It's one of those girly kinda flicks that reminds me of being little and there's nothing bad about that :)
Then we did some yoga...for about a minute...*who the heck does yoga, following an instructor on TV, between 2am and 4am?!...apart from us...*
We also watched SpongeBob SquarePants...BEST THING EVER! I've told a couple friends before that if he wasn't a sponge, I'd marry him xD
...maybe not but it's a silly little ditty...a guilty pleasure :)

MWAHAHAHA gummy bear sex, i dare you to look it up on youtube, one of the funniest videos you'll ever watch in your life xD!! love it!

We sort of wrote a note to Tommy and posted it to him but let's not go there, you don't wanna know what Elin and Hattie had to say about Tommy and xD kidding, kidding!!
*shifty eyes*

we didn't write anything bad but it was on the back of a receipt in eyeline...oh yes, never let it go untold that us girls are a creative bunch!

Dearest Caroline was greatly missed from such proceedings but that lucky beggars over in China so she can't really go complaining. Although, she must be aware that if she fails to bring me a newspaper then I will HUNT HER DOWN. Kidding!! obviously...

Knowing my senile mind, I'll have forgotten many, many things but I've been writing for aaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggeeeeeeeeeeeesssss, *slow typer* and I'm alittle tired :O

DollyDot signing out.
Peace and love
p.s 'tis Martini's B'day today!! It's goooooooood, I'll write more tomorrow but yeah, life is dulcé! That's Spanish for, "sweet".
p.p.s If my Sims character has boy twins then they're gonna be called Benjamin and Charles. lovely :)
p.p.p.s I fell off a swing yesterday!! i hurt my little finger :(!! still happy happy though :D


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