Sunday, 2 August 2009

B**tards!! Gosh darn you!!

NO ONE HAS COMMENTED ON THIS BLOG IN...3 DAYS!! i'm offended is all. ah well. i'll get over it.
Town was sooooo great today :D i loved loved loved it! i haven't seen my matey mates in far too long so hugging them and giggling with them today was so good. I actually laughed and smiled so much today that my jaw aches a little...xD So, as per the usual, I was late to town, despite living closest to it, however, 'twas grand! I met up with *deep breath*, Simon, Richard, Tommy, Jacob, Sam, Jeremy, Elin and Caroline. *and exhale, very good everyone*
'twas my first encounter with Sam today but yup he's pretty alright!! he's a decent kinda bloke and I likes him :D
We trundle wundled around pretty aimlessly but it was marvelous to just absorb the happy atmosphere of my friends so I didn't really care where we ended up.
...Tommy's jacket is enormous and smells like him; just though I'd share that with you because i'm generous...

For anyone who has yet to read it, you must head over to the blog of one Master W. L. of P. as it's simply wonderous...I'm now good at doing links so I'm just gonna copy and paste the url....
and thar we harv it, donchar know?!!

hmmmmm, I shall trundle wundle my way up to Marie Curie tomorrow and ask Gill whether she's in need of my asssistance any time soon :D I volunteer there some weekends and in the holidays, 'tis grand!

Peace and love


  1. No one has commented on this blog for the last 3 days?!? When will there be another comment?!?!

  2. Of course I get comments for almost every blog post seeing as it's so fantastic.