Tuesday, 18 August 2009

A o' couple things I can ney stand...

1. The sound of a knife on a sponge.
2. People who don't shut their mouthes when they're eating
3. The noise of teeth being brushed.
4. When amazing people won't accept compliments.
5. Water.
6. Hugging someone and not being hugged back.
7. Impulses...today I wanted to kiss someone on the cheek...not because I fancy them; i was wearing red lipstick and thought it would be funny to leave a lip print on them...xD I didn't though!!
8. Hypocrisy *i've probably spelt that wrong and yes, ftr I'm well aware that I can be pretty hypocritical sometimes.*
9.Lies. I've told too many and they always cause problems.
10. When someone tells me that they'll do something when they have no real intention to.
11. Forgetting the good things.
12. Grey.
13. Being so darn anxious.
14. Being so gosh darn superstitious.
15. Crying.
16. Corgettes.
17. Change...I know it can be good but so much happens in such a short amount of time that sometimes it worries me.
18. Not seeing my friends.
19. That I feel too shy to tell people what I think.
20. When boys never seem to say what they mean.

I could say more but 20 is enough and if I go on and on, I may end up getting myself down...*oh joy. oh rapture.*

Town today was great. Charlotte, Danielle, Elin, Matt and I had such a lovely time! 'twas Matt's birthday and Elin and I bought him a joint gift of penis pasta from Hawkins Bazaar xD It was my first time meeting Danielle and Charlotte and they're so sweet! I always get really nervous around new people but they were great. yeah, today was good.

DollyDot signing out.
Peace and love

p.s I have some vague recollection of someone telling me that something's happening on 23rd August but I can't remember whether that someone was a he or a she or what the something which he/she mentioned was. This is really annoying me. help please???

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