Thursday, 13 August 2009


How are you?
Good good. Unless you're not not feeling good...that's a shame, i'm sorry. BTW, have you ever given a listen to Muse's cover of Feeling Good? I'm a big Nina Simone fan so I was kinda annoyed that they did a cover of it but I have to admit, it's really grown on me and I now love that they tried something new with it rather than the predictable soul/jazzy kinda cover that bunches of people have tried. I also like Michael Bublé's cover but that probably doesn't make me sound as cool...
Anyways, Martin had an appointment at the Royal Surrey County Hospital with Dr. Obi and Dr. Sinha about his development and especially the impact that his growth is having on this kidneys. He needs to drink more water in order ot help to flush the toxins out of his body without causing his kidneys too much stress. Anyways, despite the fact that he's hurtling down the pubescent landslide *oh joy, oh rapture -_0!* his kidneys are working fairly stably. They've increased his dosage of the Onealpha Calcadol *calcium supplement...probably spely wrong* and they're considering giving him some kind of medication to bind the phorsphates together so as they can be flushed out easier. This may mean that they have to fiddle about with his Epilim *medication to prevent an epileptic fit* but other than that, he'd doing gooooood! :D

At about 4pm yesterday, mine matey mate dearest, Miss ElinimoomundootocomSqueechTheGodOfCapriSun *I hate your nickname* stopped by at my humble shack xD She stayed the night *oo-er* and 'twas a laugh. We didn't actually end up getting to sleep until 6am. Far better than my pathetic midnight last sleepover!! We had jammy bread and Elin cut the bread in her special signature way! She read my diary from when I was...7 (!) and it was very embarrassing :S Anyways, I'm lending her some CDs and she thinks that she's lending me her jacket but in actual fact, she will never be seeing it again...mwahahaha!

PENIS PASTA!! oh yes.

Peace and love babes
p.s I am in a gooooooooooooooooooooood moooooooooooooooooooooooood :D

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