Monday, 3 August 2009


I decided to make a change and put full makeup on today...yuck. A little subtle mascara or summat's fine but seriously...this foundation is weighing my face down...urgh. I'm a wash it off before I head off into town in a tidbit. hmmm Robert's appearing online on msn but won't say a word. this newfangled internet chat bugs the hell out of me. I'm sh*te at typing and can never keep up with conversation and talking over the phone makes me feel a bit odd too. And if i call anyone and get answerphone, I rarely leave messages...talking to machines is not a pleasant task.

May I ask a favour?

I have yet to find how to set up polls...could someone please help me? 'twould be much appreciated :D
hmmmmmnnn, not got a lot to write about right's 1.40 in the afternoon and I haven't done a lot yet. I've eaten and tidied and read and eaten some more. Fun. I'm painting with oil paints atm but they take forever to dry so I can't add any more colours yet. And there are a lot of colours I want to add so this could take a while... perhaps more than 4 weeks...oh dear.
For those of you who care, it's 54 days until my birthday, is it wrong that at my age I still get reeeeaaaally excited about my birthday? and for the record, i will be expecting presents. nah, don't worry, i'm kidding but a quick, "happy birthday" would make me smile :D

DollyDot signing out

Peace and love
p.s My parents really know how to get on my last nerve sometimes...grrrrrrr. ah well. i'm over it. I've had a good two hours of escapist reading...


  1. Polls? Sure, I'll help. You can find them in the gadgets section when you click 'customise' on the top right hand corner of your blog. Getting ideas and setting it up is so easy Tommy could do it.