Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Shall I opt for a witty yet confusion and possibly confusing title for this particular post or shall I simply say, "hi!"? I'm really rather perplexed

Hey there!

Town was really rather lovely today...TG my organisational skills held out alright-ish...although we got attcked by junkies with sticks...and lost larger portions of our group numerous times...AH WELL.

Darlings, the sun shone, the sky had unburdened itself from clouds, the air was strung with laughter and hugs were plentiful. Today was lovely. Although I could have done with a couple more hugs...
My head was pounding earlier, I was probably dehydrated or somthing me for something silly it's practically my reason for being :S I ended up taking 3 paracetamol and it's still not gone away. Don't worry, i know about the safety of dosage and all that jazz.

ha, you think you know me because you might read this blog. you don't have a clue.

DollyDot signing out.

Peace and love

p.s Many great thanks to the Catcher in the Rycroft for his blog post of ealier as my dashboard has been really rather vacant of late.


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