Saturday, 8 August 2009

It must be told.

So, I was having a bit of that sickening, underlying anxiety crud today (lovely, doncha know?) but I actually managed to have rather a lovely day :D
At noon, I journeyed (?) to the theatre to watch a little play that some of my matey mates were in as the culmination of their week-long course, learning about backstage theatre work :D
I really enjoyed the piece as it was cleverly written and really rather funny AND starred some of my besty mates :D
oooooh, before I forget, I must hasten to add that it also starred someone who i've not seen in five (?! five?!) years! She used to be my bast friend and she's a great actress :D
Then I met Tommy's folks and lil jimmy and will and Harvey's folks and his little sister. Tommy's mam then gave me a tour of the theatre *very kind!* and then I went to wait for them to be released with Harvery's family.
Tommy and I then went into town together, we sat up in the food court for a tidbit and then going down he actually told somebody to call him the admiral *!!* O.o Then we trundle-wundled up to Stoke park where we stayed for the remainder of the day. We lied chatting in the grass for hours and hours and then Tommy asked me what the time was and to my horror, I discovered that I had 20 minutes to get home. I feared the worst. Grounded until the end of humanity. But I RAN. I hate running but I did it, I RAN home. So, with sweat glistening on my beetroot red face, weezing like a 50 year old smoker, I returned home with a minute to spare!! It was like something from Indiana Jones I swear it...well maybe not but it seemed pretty cool to me :D I had an awesome day and never got told off...*yay*

One teeny iota of crap...I haven't heard anything more about THE BIGGEST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE which can only mean one thing, he fricking hates me to high heaven o.O *i don't quite comprehend what the, "to high heaven" thing means but it's the simplest of things to understand that he hates me and what makes it worse is that i kinda don't blame him. For those of you who don't know, I accidentally said something sick to the God of Hot on facebook and so now i'm wishing I had a time machine or that I could call upon Jesus for some kinda miracle...
his forgiveness would mean a lot. at least he doesn't read this thing...that would probably make things might embarrass him if he knew that I addressed him as the god of hot...

A girl can hope...

DollyDot signing out.

Peace and love
p.s If you're internet ever fully recovers from its illness then Tommy, I hope you can read this. Thanks for today, it was so lovely.

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  1. its not recovered yet, but london internet HATH NO BOUNDS!

    hehe, glad to hear you made it back in time! i went back to he theatre to make a call home, but it was closed. so i had to run into the friary (which clsoed at six) before it closed and used the last of my money to call home. i made it in and out in the nick of time.

    so in the end, i reckon its a good thing i asked what the time was, eh? :D