Wednesday, 22 December 2010


Ok, so internet sensation Fred has his own movie. Internet sensation Fred has millions of views.
how come i haven't seen him before?!?!

so i youtubed him.


HE has his own movie.


i think that's one internet sensation i can live without.

watched The Santa Clause on VHS this afternoon-yeah bitches. :)

VHS FTW....i stil stand bye FTW meaning For The Wolf. Booya Tommy, i went there.

My WHAT-subject line- is also of my distaste for robert's post....honestly, why?!?! what you did is worse than the Grinch. He took presents. You took innocence. how very dare you???

last ever ugly betty tonight! i don't care for it as much as i did esp. since betty now conform's to the boring idea of 'pretty'...wouldn't surprise me if they wrote to make her wear contact lenses...she's had her braces off....:( but then, i'm weird, i LOVE braces, i think they look frciking awesome!!!

you know in Catch me if you can *tom hanks and leo dicaprio??-awesome film, if you haven't seen it, you should have done!* the girl that frank almost marries? she looked SO hot with her braces!!! am i right???

...ok, fine, some people will never get it...ah wells...

i'm off for dinner...
btw, TIGF's last night ROCKED and my tongue was working so i could taste everything :) the other night i couldn' taste the difference between carrots and brocolli *which i still can't spell and can't be bothered to spellcheck but can be bothered to write an explanation about...get me :P*

throat really hurts when i swallow and i look half dead but hey ho and on with the show.

Peace and love

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  1. Hm. I sometimes believe that there is some genuine wit and brilliant opportunity for comedians on the Internet, but when I hear about the popularity of people such as Fred, I fear humanity's future slightly.

    Hope you feel better soon. xxx