Thursday, 30 December 2010

All we want to do is eat your brains

With a title like that, i hope i get time to write tomorrow...i wouldn't like that to be the last title i write this year xD


today was so brilliant, thank you jamie :) i had an amazing day with you and emily is so lovely!!xxxx

ahaha, GIANT MONKEY and that massage chair...i was so embarrassed xD dang.
aw man, i told you way too much on the train, i mean, you knew i was weird but i had hoped you didn't think i was a complete nutter....ah wells. who doesn't do that when they see a car? that's a fairly ordinary thing, isn't it? maybe? no?

and my parents didn't kill me!! YAY. that's always a bonus methinks.

ooh, and waiting for me on the sofa was a new toy monkey!! mom named him spike cuz he has tufty hair, he's a right cutie, he has red fuzz :P

I hope this link works...if it does then Spike looks like the medium sized red one on the left :)

In that pic, you see the big red one at the back?? that means, they're made in three, i have lots of tiny ones, two medium ones, i REALLY want a big one of the minky-type monkeys that i collect.

i don't know why i'm obsessed with monkeys....omgosh, that one in selfridges!!! jamie, wasn't the giant monkey EPIC?!?! :P I made him cuddle the lion :) <----i'm so smug about that.

That's all folks

Peace and love
p.s It was deodourant not a knife!!! omgosh!! *cringe*

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  1. You actually found the song? Well done, although the video's a little strange.

    And you got a new monkey! That's a rather bizarre coincidence (or is it not, do you always get new monkeys? :P)

    Anyway, I had a great day, thank you so much for coming along. xxxx