Monday, 6 December 2010

I am NOT Tupac!!!!

I wear a head scarf for one day and get so much abuse xD
...'twas quite funny though.

omgosh, me and eloise did 9000m between us in PE on the rowing machines!! each did 500 and then switched every thousand until it was done *AIR FIVE* next time we'll do 10. oh yes. oh yes we will.

honestly though, WHY must they play such crap music?!?!? NOW 77...just mainstream drivel...given, some of the songs are pretty catchey *like the plague* but i reckon there was one on the whole album that i really liked.

omgosh...yelled out 'POO' in front of miss evans...and sang "just gonna stand there and hear me roar, well that's alright because i am a dinosaur" in front of her too. goodness. she's gona think i'm odd.

my arms felt like jelly after PE!! legs were fine....arms were jelly.'s the thing!! awesome thing! tremendous, marvelous THING:
I have lost weight....without even trying!! I have been eating what i want, when i want and not counting calories and i'm happier and healthier than i have been in a while. I think i've actually lost more weight through stopping caring than i did over my two weeks of torture a while ago...i still haven't been able to face a bowl of shreddies without tears welling in my eyes...well, not really but i've been avoiding them like the plague.

Two plague references in one post *go me*

ooh, listening to

(If You're Wondering If I Want You To) I Want You To

by Weezer on the tube...i's a liking it.

exams begin tomorrow. oh joy.

...Credo Elvem Etiam Vivere...


ooh eloise is lending me only revolutions :) thing is...awful, CRAP thing is that my disk drive won't open. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

gonna go grab some dinner

Peace and love


  1. And you only think that she may find you weird for doing that?


    Anyway, I just found out recently that today was meant to be our last lesson up in Urnfield. But we didn't even go up there. Oddly enough, even though I mostly hated those lessons up there, I feel sad that I didn't properly say goodbye to it...

    Wait, say goodbye to a field? I can hardly call you strange when I'm talking about stuff like that.

    Anyway, see you tomorrow.


  2. yes i'm strange. deal with it :P

    you're staying for 6th form we're gonna be up there come summer sports, you know? goodbyes just yet, eh?

  3. Good point, I forgot about the existence of Summer Sports...