Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Germans have a word for it... Britts never came up with one...
and now I can't remember it...weltschmerz?


I need to sleep for a long time.

I got up at 10.05 today and then i didn't get dressed until 11.10

I hate it when i'm not a morning person...there are days when i can jump out of bed and run around and do things and then there are sloth days...when i eat and sit...and sleep...FUN.

hmmm, i've movie-watched and town-trekked today. monday tomorrow.
double pe.


so BORED. the sky is grey and it's cold and pulling back my curtains is the same every day and argh i need a holiday.

two weeks til christmas hols....near enough. TG i need a break...
I need mom's christmas pudding and cake...i need crackers and tinsel and smelly candles...I need tacky snow globes and a creepy fake santa...

actually, i really need to finish writing my christmas cards...dang.

mmmmm cheese toasties are GOOD.

what on earth was the point of this post, exactly? it's nought but a mish-mash of my mind's decay *just though that sounded cool....although a bit gross...*

i really don't want to dye my hair pink.
that mean nothing to anyone, does it?
my hair's wet...

need to put up the tree...andrew's day off's on friday...might do it then...

need to pack my bag. *sigh* hate packing my bag.

urgh, hate how i sound right now.

ooooooh!!! my zebra pen!! i'm a bring it to schoool tomorrow :)
maybe with my ridiculously tiny notebook too :) it's got perforated pages...useful for if i need to write something down for someone.

should probably go soon...

might have shortbread for breakfast....

i've made a couple positive steps and i feel more mature for it. gosh, in 20 years i'm gonna be middle-aged!! ARGH xD that's an odd thought.

Goodnight world, i'm off to slumber.

Peace and love

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