Wednesday, 1 December 2010

An Ode to Jack Charles Nicole

Oh Jack, you two-faced swine.
You man of many colours, how you perplex and intrigue me.
A young one with such composure, aggravating or amazing?
Untroubled words tumble through untroubled lips,
you grip a mic, guitar, trombone and effortlessly,
effortlessly, you appease an awe-struck audience,
sitting back, ready to judge. Judge.
A snapshot of the performer Jack Nicole.
Arrogant? Self-obsessed? Glory-hog?
Really? Who doesn't at least try to appear confident on a stage in front of a couple hundred people who are just waiting for the moment that you slip. Forget your success, you'll be known for one grave mistake.
Alas, I digress.
For just a second, ignore the all-singing, all-dancing presence that is Jack Nicole.
How many people have met Jack?
Jack. No surname. No reputation, expectation.
He's not perfect. Remember, Jack's just another person.
He does and says silly, immature things. He is flawed.
Like all of us.
He is human.
Like all of us.
It's this vulnerability that says,'hey, come backstage...behind the glamour'
Meet the Jack who argues with his little brother, who doesn't do as well as he'd sometimes like on tests.
The Jack who's funny and kind and thoughtful.
...this Jack asks you what's wrong when you're sad...
To which you may reply, 'nothing'.
and life carries on.

I doubt i'll know another talent such as Jack Nicole, but I think I'd rather know Jack,
Woolly hair, sweat-vests, table-tapping 'n' all.

That was so much easier to do out of the English class... :P We were working on descriptive work and as a joke i thought i'd do Jack...this actually turned into something semi-serious *as in, all of the above*
anyhooble, he knows i'm writing this but who knows whether he'll actually read it?? for now, i'm safe...when he reads it, he might think i'm just a tad stranger than he already does. ah wells, 'twas worth it me reckons.

i'll email popshot another day...this could take a while.

see you on the otherside.

Peace and love

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